'If I get goosebumps when watching it, our job is done'

Kirsten and Maarten, owners of Editcompany, talk about the process in which raw video footage is turned into a powerful story. A video that moves people.
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Services with a Dutch angle

We are committed and headstrong professionals, offering you an honest approach to get to the essence of your story. When all that remains are goosebumps, our job is done. Your story, our personal Dutch angle.
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Production & shoot
From researching, scene and script writing to ensuring that the entire filming day runs smoothly; we handle it all. This includes shooting all the scenes with high-quality cameras, microphones and lighting – in our own studio or on location.
Post production
We get to the essence of your story and make it powerful with images and sound. We add 2D or 3D animations and other visual effects. We maximize the impact and trigger emotions with moving music and powerful voiceovers.
Repurposing Video Content for NGOs
We understand that video content is an important part of any NGOs storytelling. We also know that creating new video content can be costly and time-consuming. That's why we offer a range of services to help non-governmental organizations repurpose their existing video content.
Media management
You can review the process online at any time, give feedback and share files. We deliver your video in any required format, meeting the right color and sound standards.

Our studio

In our fully equipped studio in Utrecht we have all we need to bring your story to life so it makes a lasting impact. The studio contains three complete edit suites, including all the required software, such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe CC and Cinema 4d. We also have a sound booth to record voiceovers and engaging narratives. Our dedicated on-site server room and cloud-based workflow allows our team to join forces and turns (remote) collaborative video editing into an easy and enjoyable process.


We have been running challenging internships for 3rd and 4th year students for over 20 years. The future will be told by the youth. We see it as our responsibility to give them the knowledge and tools to do so. Even though we’ve transitioned away from functioning as a training company, our passion for empowering the next generation continues. We’re always eager to hear from those curious and aspiring individuals looking to make a difference.

Editcompany was founded in 1996. Delve into our captivating journey, spanning over two decades, and discover our passion for video storytelling and commitment to crafting impactful narratives.

Our clients

The team at Editcompany just gets it. They understand the sensitivities of our mission and our business objectives and consistently create quality work that we’re proud of. And just when you think they can’t possibly get any better, they prove their value again and again. I recommend them unreservedly.

Mary Lynn Lalonde
Global Brand Engagement Manager,

I have been working with Editcompany for many years. Because we usually have very tight deadlines and very strict rules and regulations, we need a supplier who is flexible, accurate, pragmatic and willing to always go the extra mile. With both Maarten and Kirsten we always deliver each project to everyone’s satisfaction and I hope to work with them for many more years to come.

Fràncis de Zwart
Manager Creative Services,
The Walt Disney Company Benelux

It is amazing to see the progress from the raw materials that we provided to the polished final videos that the team produced. Editcompany not only edited the videos but also added animations and helped us improve the scripts. The flexibility, quick responses, and willingness to always think along and go that extra mile, made working with Editcompany an absolute pleasure.

Marcel Vonk
/ Institute of Physics, Universiteit van Amsterdam

We have been working with Editcompany, Kirsten and Maarten, for about 15 years, and they are our most trusted partner. They know us, understand us, and usually know exactly what we need, which makes communication very easy and effective. They are fast and professional, and also extremely fun (which is certainly important). We are happy to recommend Editcompany! A great club of great professionals!

Michael Brandt
Brandt Investments B.V.

It’s amazing to watch you guys. It’s storytelling at its finest. Taking this raw material and finding the beauty in it.

Harriet Dwyer
Emergency Engagement,

I enjoy working with Editcompany, it’s a great company that is exceptionally service-oriented. They work quickly, accurately and independently. They take a lot of work off our hands. We need partners like them!

Doret van der Sloot
Creative Care Company

A great partner to work with. No project is too last-minute and they will always think along, also on a creative level. Very professional and capable of capturing the essence of our complex work.

Eva van der Zee
Fundraiser Direct Dialogue,
Greenpeace Nederland
We work for global and leading brands whose films we are not able to share on this website. If you would like to see and experience our work, we invite you to our studio. Be prepared for goosebumps…
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Our partners

Over the years we have partnered with some incredible filmmakers, helping us get your impactful stories out there. The best work is delivered by a team of dedicated and creative talents. We are proud to introduce you to some of our partners.
Robert M. Berger NSC
Director of photography

Editcompany will do everything they can to make filming days enjoyable and successful. While shooting, there is always a good atmosphere and opportunities to improvisation and take the film to a higher level. The well-reasoned and clear choices during filming inspire confidence and give impactful results.

Franck Veerhuis
Audio technician, sound design

There’s a good reason I’ve been working with Editcompany since 1995. It’s great to do audio or voiceovers for productions that have been made with great care. Kirsten and Maarten are responsible for the entire process for the client, from idea to broadcast, so they are very involved with the product they create.

Daphny Muriloff
Executive producer

Over the past decade we have collaborated on many different projects and it’s always a pleasure to work with Editcompany. However challenging an idea may be – in content, timing or technique, they are never short of solutions. Their expertise in all aspects of fundraising content makes them a unique company.

JP Geersing
Audio technician, sound design, audio restoration, voiceover

The people at Editcompany are the type of creative professionals you want to work with. They understand better than anyone that image and sound must be optimally interwoven to create a powerful story. We are proud to provide the sound for Editcompany’s productions!

Rob Patmore
Freelance Director and Producer for UNICEF, Greenpeace and IFAW

Kirsten and Maarten totally understand the nuances and subtleties of film production. Nuances that make the difference between a video being just functional or truly opening people’s hearts. In the non-profit sector this can mean the difference between financial failure and success.