Editing ‘The DS King’
For car enthusiasts, there’s nothing like getting their hands dirty and spending time working on their beloved vehicle. Whether it’s a restoration project or just keeping it clean and in good condition, these men take great pride in caring for their cars. ‘The DS King’ is a documentary about men who love cars and take care of them with the same dedication as they would a member of their family. It’s a fascinating look at this unique community, and one that is definitely worth checking out for any automotive enthusiasts.


Editcompany took care of the editing and technical realization of the documentary “The DS King” for Oldenstein films. After forty years, the building of the iconic DS garage in Amsterdam has been sold. It is a hell of a job to pack all the car parts stored over the years for the move. But it is even more difficult to tell car enthusiasts and regular customers of the garage that they will lose their ‘hangout’. They came by for advice and assistance, for parts that are no longer available, or a cup of coffee and a good conversation about their pet car with garage owner David Kostelijk or his helpers. These men with hands that are always black with oil, do not keep it dry when they see that parting is inevitable. A film about men who take care of their cars and each other.


We’re proud of the work we did on “The DS King,” and it was great to see it recognized with awards. But our real goal is always to help our clients achieve their vision. If you need editing or technical realization services for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to chat with you about what we can do to help make your production a success.

‘2Doc: The DS Keyzer’ can be seen on Monday 19 September at 22.30 hrs at BNNVARA on NPO 2 and afterwards on NPO Gemist.

Producer: Wieger Wielinga / Oldenstein films
Directing & camera: Doret van der Sloot
Technical realization: Editcompany VOF
Audio sweetening: Franck Veerhuis / Studio Veerhuis
Awards won: New York International Film Awards, Houston International Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Festival Awards, London Independent Film Festival Awards and Milan Gold Awards.