Maarten, documentary editor in front of the camera for his own documentary Stardust

Maarten in front of the camera for his documentary Stardust

The Importance of a Good Documentary Editor
A good documentary editor is the key to making your film stand out. Learn more about what makes them so important, and how to find one that’s right for you.

Documentary editing is more than just piecing together footage; it’s about finding the story that you want to tell and then crafting it in a way that is both engaging and easy for audiences to follow. While it’s ultimately up to the director to decide what story they want to tell, a good editor will be able to see the potential in every scene and offer suggestions on how to put the pieces together in a way that is impactful and memorable. 

At Editcompany, we have years of experience editing documentaries, both our own and for clients. We know what it takes to craft a good story and we’re not afraid to think outside the box to come up with creative solutions that will make your documentary stand out from the rest.

We’ve edited numerous documentaries for clients. The DS King is one of our latest, an award winning film about DS garage owner David Kostelijk. These men with hands that are always black with oil, do not keep it dry when they see that parting is inevitable. And Maarten, the co-owner of our studio is a documentary filmmaker. He’s been passionate about astronomy his entire life and produced, shot and edited his own documentary called ‘Stardust‘.

If you’re planning on making a documentary, choosing a good editor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. A well-edited documentary has the power to move people and inspire change. If you’re working on a documentary and need assistance perfecting it, Editcompany can help. We’re experts in the field and can work with you to ensure that your documentary is polished and ready for release. Contact us today or schedule a call to learn more about how we can assist you in creating an impactful documentary.