Our Story Begins

In 1996, born out of the innovative spirit of DirectorsCompany, Editcompany sprang to life. We realized then that the video production landscape was on the cusp of change. Directors were looking for more control over their work, desiring not only to direct but also to craft the end product. In response to this, we placed a greater emphasis on Editcompany. When you booked a director with us, you were securing the services of a visionary director and a meticulous editor all in one.

As the years unfurled, Editcompany matured into a boutique post-production house based in Hilversum. With eight top-tier edit suites, we embraced the future of video production, mastering cutting-edge technology such as Media100 systems, Avid Media Composer, and Final Cut Pro.

A New Era

2012 marked a new era for Editcompany. Our dynamic duo, Maarten and Kirsten, took the reins. Having been integral to our journey since the early 2000s, they redefined Editcompany, transitioning from a permanent team to a more flexible, project-based collaboration with talented freelancers.

However, Maarten and Kirsten were not content merely to manage. They are creatives at heart, and their passion for hands-on work fuels the spirit of Editcompany.

Since 2014, we have found our home in ‘De Pionier’ in Utrecht. Situated in the heart of Utrecht, ‘De Pionier’ is a vibrant collective of diverse companies, all sharing a common passion for creativity. This inspiring environment fuels our creativity and allows us to collaborate with like-minded professionals in a truly dynamic setting.

Evolution and Adaptation

In our more than two-decade-long journey, we’ve seen the industry transform right before our eyes. From heavy-duty hardware to sleek software solutions, from physical tapes like Digital Betacam to cloud-based collaboration enabling work from anywhere – we’ve adapted and thrived through it all. Our history is a testament to our ability to evolve, our resilience, and our commitment to staying at the forefront of our industry.

Our Heart Beats for NGOs

Over the years, we found our purpose in working with NGOs. Their transformative missions resonated with us, and our expertise in creating compelling narratives found a perfect fit. We are proud to be trusted partners for NGOs looking to amplify their message through powerful visuals and engaging stories.

Who We Are Today

Today, Editcompany stands as a testament to adaptability and passion. We’re a small, agile team of storytellers committed to pushing the boundaries of video production. We reject the constraints of traditional models, choosing instead to work on projects that inspire us, with teams that challenge us, creating content that makes a real impact.

Join us on this journey. Let’s create stories that move, stories that inspire, stories that matter.